Name: Animus Psy rating:5(1000 xp) Xp Party:5200 Starting:300 Personal:850
Personal Demeanor: Optimist XP Remaining: 100
Specialty: Pysker
Legalistic LOGISTICS: 40
Age: 35
Weapon Skill (WS): 29
Ballistic Skill (BS): 25
Strength (S): 30
Toughness (T): 30
Agility (Ag): 30
Intelligence (Int): 36
Perception (Per):40
Willpower (WP): 70(10 intermediate)(base 40)5 class+10 for advance
Fellowship (Fel):20

Kills:30regular soldeirs, and 1 commander of sorts

Starting Aptitudes: . Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Psyker, Strength, Willpower.

Starting Skills: Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Cryptology), Dodge.

Psykic disciplines: telepathy, Telekinesis: Pyromancy

Starting Talents: Heightened Senses (Hearing),Weapon training las, Telepathy(Dominate, puppet master, Hallucinate ),Telekinises(Assail,CRUSH,Tele Dome):Pyromancy(SC, flame breath,Molten Beam)

Starting trait:Psyker

Specialist Equipment: : Data-slate, psy focus(+10 to focus given from staff), Best Craftsmanship staff (Force Staff Melee — 1d10 I 2 Force 2kg Extremely Rare). Magnoculars

Skills:Favoured by the warp

Comrade: Trooper Koeln

Ultimate Sanction(250xp)

Head AP: 4
Body AP: 4
Arms AP: 4
Legs AP: 4
Wounds: 11/11
Fate points 1/2
Corruption Points:12
Insanity Points: 5
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 9/18/27/54
Initiative Bonus: 3
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carrying Capacity (6):Carry 36kg, Lift 72kg, Push 144kg

Of his home-world or family he remembers nothing. Since the black ships came for him his life has been pain and discipline. From the very moment he learned what he was he was told that he is a heretic, and his sins can only be repaid by serving the emperor. He was brought to Terra and was determined to be of enough strength to be a Sanctioned psyker. For what seems like the longest time there was nothing but training, and more training, and The occasional lesson on how he shouldn’t be alive. This broke something in his mind, he developed a protective attitude and a strong hatred for anything that was determined a heretic(which comes from the hatred of himself). When he was put into active duty under the watchful eyes of Preceptor-Savant Lumis he carried out orders with a almost numbness, Killing who he was told to kill with a blinding fury. But of recently he has started to expand from the dark corner of his mind where his personality has been hiding. Who knows that is in store.


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