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Welcome to the Campaign Wiki.

You will find information here regarding important items, events, locations, and characters, as the campaign progresses. This is meant to help you (and me) keep track of things as we move along.


While I recommend you keep track of your own gear, some information will be included here regarding Mission Assignment Gear, and even gear from your Standard Kit. If there’s information here about a weapon you have, be sure to either link the item page to your character page, or go ahead and copy/paste the relevant info to your character page.


People you should probably remember… seriously, they may be the difference between you gaining an important ally, or getting brutally massacred in or out the field of battle.

ALL THE THINGS. Included here is Regimental Information and some of the other fluff you’ll encounter.

It’s… you know, places.

Minigames and Time-killers

For when the story can’t quite continue, but we want to have some ridiculous no-consequences fun with your characters in the cross-platform universe of both our Warhammer 40k Campaigns

Main Page

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