Awards and Honors

Cannonade Breachman Medal: “For Distinguished Service, Against the Severan Rebellion, Cannonade Breachman’s Medal” is an honour given to those heroes of the Imperium who have made their way past enemy lines and into the true heart of Dominate formations to take out one of their most fearsome and devastating weapons—lined artillery formations. A Guardsman showing this medal can expect respect and appreciation from the ground infantry in a campaign, as they are usually the most affected by massed artillery barrages.
Description: A silver medallion with a bronze circle stamped in its centre.

Awarded For: Destruction of an active artillery
Squad Bonus: +10 to Dodge Tests to avoid attacks from
weapons with the Blast Quality.

Triple Skull: The Triple Skull is awarded to the units who have taken
massive casualties in a single action. Its sister honour, the Golden Skull, is awarded posthumously to those who have fallen in battle.

Awarded for: Awarded to the remainder of any unit that
survives a battle after having taken over 66% casualties.
Squad Bonus: +5 to all Dodge and Parry Tests.

Awards and Honors

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