Duty & Resilience

In Aid of your Brothers
Session 10

Session Text

“Sir, with all this talk of civilians and Loyalists, …what would be the ROE during this advance?”

“If you… cannot ascertain their loyalties, consider them expendable…”

In an effort to weaken the enemy, the Imperium has identified key targets; a list of commanders and essential personnel, and has tasked the reinforcing troops with treating them as targets of opportunity as they reinforce where needed most.

Lieutenant Stannis issues deployment orders to the squads under his command, and they each follow their respective objectives, in an attempt to get past enemy patrols and positions and behind friendly lines where reinforcements are most needed.

As the squad travels across the badly damaged urban landscape, a call for aid comes in from Sergeant Altmann’s squad. They come to the squad’s aid, and repel the ambushing enemy troops. The aftermath reveals that the squad took heavy losses, including their sergeant and medic. They are subsequently made into a fireteam within the squad, attached to them indefinitely.

At last, a name on the list is given to the squad. Captain Waldemar Szieny becomes Squad Ferrus’s primary target, with all other names remaining as secondary targets of opportunity.

Urban Reinforcements
Session 9

Session Text

“It’s a glorious mess, without many distinct enemy lines. Several districts are currently being fought over. It seems they’re in need of actual soldiers, so the Colonel has generously agreed to deploy us.”

Following the disaster of the “lost company”, Sergeant Eberstark is relieved of his command and awaits execution.

The squad itself is reassigned to 1st Platoon, under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Stannis, and command of Sergeant Matthias Ferrus.

While most of 3rd Company is taking on the Imperium’s foes as the Vanguard for several simultaneous advances along the supply lines north of the outposts, 1st Platoon is assigned as part of a reinforcement group advancing into Kerrith, a major urban center and former seat of power for the Larros Planetary Governor, that is, before he was replaced by Legate Lucius. While originally not a part of 3rd Division’s objectives, Imperial assets tasked with the liberation of urban centers have been pushed back again and again, with supply lines often cut off and pushed away from the front. The current situation is a deadly stalemate, an ugly conflict far from lines of resupply and without any distinct fronts. General Bulow placed order to divert forces from 3rd Division, which Colonel Schönfeld responded to by mobilizing “static” assets of the 79th.

Orders are more or less to survive and reinforce wherever needed, and to keep alert for any requests for aid, until supply lines can be secured and established running into the city proper.

The Powers That Be
Session 8

Session Text

“With the Emperor’s Grace, old traditions may yet prevail over new Heresies.”

The squad makes a decision to investigate a civilian settlement with possible connections to the vox black-outs. They encounter an old man, who takes them to his village. There are many people gravely ill with some sort of disease, though the origin of which is unknown. It is only said to have arrived when the secessionist forces prepared a ‘shrine’ housing a holy artifact which promised to protect against the Imperial invasion.

Severan Ducal Legate and de facto supreme commander on the world, Lucius, is strongly suspected to have resorted to odd devices and strange forces to attempt to break the guardsmen fighting to regain Imperial control over the planet. The concerns of powerful psykers grow every day, and the squad is one group tasked with a search-and-destroy mission, with the Sanctioned Psyker Animus by their side.

Animus can indeed sense there is warp energy, while Gru has suspicions that an archeotech device may be at play.

A reluctant chief agrees to combine forces with the squad after his wife’s symptoms are relieved by Corporal Yonova, and the group sets out to find the settlement housing the shrine. Fighting past patrols, upon arrival they walk into what appears to be the active device. Their approach is compromised, however, when the chief charges at the enemy guarding the device, enraged by the knowledge that it was in fact this artifact which caused the ailment threatening his wife’s and his village’s lives.

Combat breaks out, and the squad holds its own, until the Chief, blinded by anger, attempts to destroy the pulsating artifact. A blinding light emits from it at that moment, the servitor known as ‘Meat’ has its circuitry fried, and everyone falls into unconsciousness.

One by one, the squad members wake up and come to the realization that the town is being cleansed by stormtroopers lead by a commander with an overwhelming air of authority. Animus probes into the mind of this commander, only to realize that he, too, is a Psyker. In fact, he is a significantly more powerful Psyker, and likely the powerful presence reported to be on the planet.

The unknown powerful Imperial force claims the artifact, and any evidence it can find, and orders the squad to make no mention of what’s occurred, and to return to quarters. Further, they are told that the Auxiliary company is no longer theirs to worry about.

As the squad prepares to leave, they find the bodies of the comrades who fell during the assault and also quite likely, during the cleansing. Finally making back to the outpost, the town is set alight, and the mysterious group encountered leaves.

Unable to reveal anything, Sergeant Eberstark calls in the missing auxiliary troops as casualties of war.


Ghost Stories
Session 7

Session Text

Setting up defenses along the supply lines, the squad and their auxiliary company make contact with the enemy, and are given information regarding an artifact possibly behind the vox blackout.

“Ghosts” suddenly become less frightening, as the disappearances of units is discovered to be the enemy’s habit of hiding corpses, while the spontaneous deaths of escorting troops appears to be related to snipers along the roads – now the targets of the regiment’s Jaeger Company.

Lost in Translation
Session 6

Session Text

The squad accustoms itself to their new HQ – a massive base built for Prithian 3rd Division.
They are given their individual duties, and deal with issues of ventilation inside their tent, and an apparent rodent problem.

Each is tasked with responsibilities, including Enginseer Gru’s oversight of the Aeronautica landing zones. An unfortunate accident occurs during his first day as overseer, and the squad rushes in to aid in the efforts to contain the situation.

As the day advances, they soon realize that an officer on board one of the craft involved in the accident was Captain to a reinforcing company. His death leaves the auxiliary company without a commanding officer.

Being little more than a Munitorum mistake, Colonel Schoenfeld wants nothing to do with the company, as their Low-Gothic dialect is unintelligible to all but the most language-savvy of his aides, and given the logistics nightmare that has already preoccupied him as several supply convoys and subsequent investigating patrols go missing.

Reinforcing Prithian troops arrive – one of them Sergeant Eberstark, who finds himself reporting for duty just as the Colonel is told he’s not expected to accommodate the new arrivals in his camp. As such, the Colonel, eager to pass on this responsibility to someone else, places the Sergeant as personal liaison to the auxiliaries, to be taught Prithian customs and forms of operation.

All things come together as the Colonel receives word of yet another hit convoy, and determines that a large mobilization of force needs to deal with the problem once and for all:

-He wishes to protect the supply lines by setting up several outposts. -The new blood presents an opportunity to investigate and secure the outposts without the need to use more valuable troops -Given the death of their Captain, the auxiliaries are now to be under the command of Sergeant Eberstark and his squad, effectively now his officer cadre.

PROGRESS: First outpost set and secured

The Battle for Bolfem Archipelago- Conclusion
Session 5

Session Text

Individual Character Scenarios

Primary Objectives: Secure Archipelago [COMPLETE], Establish and Secure landing zones for reinforcing Task Force [COMPLETE]


Secondary Objectives: Cause minimal damage to infrastucture [FAILED], Rendezvous with Vonayan 23rd Reconnaissance Elements [COMPLETE]


Status: Aeronautica Imperialis Base of Operations established in secured Bolfem Archipelago || High-Priority Communications Facility partially destroyed; friendly fire incident under investigation, known culprits executed


The squad, having successfully infiltrated the enemy HQ, finds and disrupts enemy communications, resulting in havoc across its defenses.

As a result of this, the bulk of the enemy defense (their dreaded artillery batteries) are inefficient in deterring the Imperial onslaught. Imperial forces successfully take the base, and the squad is sent back to their original base of operations near their landing zone. Their Vonayan comrade parts from them, to join his regiment in its redeployment after completing their objectives on the archipelago.

Upon arrival they realize it has been repurposed into an Aeronautica Imperialis base – their regiment to be sent off-base while the transfer takes place. They are tasked with executing the Prithians whose sentences had not been carried out in the midst of all the activity on the archipelago. The members of the squad, during their subsequent period of inaction on the front lines, sharpen up their skills, and practice where they can.

Eventually, 2nd and 3rd Companies are sent to 3rd Division’s HQ set up on a peninsula in the South of Fallwin Island. Upon their arrival, their achievements are recognized. The squad is awarded the Cannonade Breachman’s Medal and some of the troopers are individually recognized by their superiors for carrying out their expertise with valor and consistency: Corporal Kass Yonova is appointed Senior Medicae Officer under CMO Feldmann’s service in the Regiment. Otto Schneider and Hector are allowed to train with the Company’s Jaegers, and are assigned to keep that role in their squad. Gru is given the titular Enginseer-Prime by his Adeptus Mechanicus brethren, and assigned such responsibilities as are befitting to him in 3rd Division’s HQ. Victrus Macharius sharpens his training in heavy weapons, and is assigned to perform his duties with a Heavy Bolter.

The Wounded Beast
Session 4

Session Text

2nd and 3rd Companies advance to the last remnants of enemy resistance. The Communications Compound, or what’s left of it, is used as a forward base, and supply lines are extended closer to the front, just North of the now-devastated woodlands. The Squad resupplies, is given a particular Chimera Variant, and is sent to the front. Assaulting a well-defended hill, they come to the aid of a squad of Prithians who are in danger of being overrun. Casualties are sustained, yet they are able to clear the hill of an enemy presence. Readying themselves to take the bunker atop the hill sure to be defended by the reported armored presence the Stalker, Gusarov, makes the discovery that the enemy has abandoned the hill. Following confirmation that the enemy is in full-retreat, the squad quickly mobilizes to leave the area, as a heavy artillery bombardment destroys anything on or around the positions once there. Arriving at the base of the hill, the squad’s Chimera finds the track-scarred patterns on the land, in the direction of the advancing armor of the 115th. They follow in behind, into an open valley busy in full-mobilization of Imperial troops. The squad then joins a massive armored assault on enemy positions, attacking head-on with as much speed as they can muster. They successfully punch through the enemy defenses, and find an ingenious way to disable an artillery section. With their final orders to disrupt enemy communications, the squad readies up to end -once and for all – the enemy’s fearsome hold on the artillery compounds throughout the archipelago.


The Court Martial Part I
Exoneration by Fire

Session Text
Individual Character Scenarios
Arrival finds a busy base ready for a series of court-martial sessions to come. Yonova stands accused of impersonating an officer. Lieutenant Koss has survived and is the first to face judgment before the Tribunal. He is sentenced to death by firing squad. The impasse in the North violently gives way to clashes destroying the Recon HQ – full mobilization is ordered and the final assault to secure the Bolfern Archipelago begins. Colonel Stieglitz keeps his promise; Kass is exonerated as the squad is ordered into the front.


Denied Assets
Session 3


In which the Squad joins an assault against an enemy base of operations, and discovers that friendly fire isn’t.


Session 2


In which Prithian 3rd Company forms Vanguard into disputed territory, and makes war upon a heretical funerary procession.



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