Victrus Macharius

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Name: Victrus Macharius
Personal Demeanor: Lucky
Specialty: Sentry
Age: 27
Wounds: 21
Starting Characteristics:
+5 Toughness

Starting XP: 600

Party XP: 9200

Objective XP: 600

Personal XP: 790

Total XP: 15580

Spent: 15500 xp

Remaining XP: 80xp

Weapon Skill (WS): 30 (30 Base)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 70 (40 Base +5 Simple Adv, +5 Intermediate Adv, +5 Trained Adv +5 Detication +5 Dedication, +5 Dedication)
Strength (S): 43 (35 Base, +3 Regiment, +5 Simple Adv)
Toughness (T): 43 (30 Base, +5 Class Bonus, +3 Homeworld, +5 Simple Adv)
Agility (Ag): 50 (30 Base +5 Dedication +5 Simple Adv +5 Intermediate Adv +5 Detication)
Intelligence (Int): 26 (29 Base, -3 Regiment)
Perception (Per): 40 (30 Base +5 Simple Adv +5 Intermediate)
Willpower (WP): 38 (30 Base, +3 Homeworld +5 Simple Adv)
Fellowship (Fel): 30 (30 Base)

Head AP: 4
Body AP: 4
Arms AP: 4
Legs AP: 4
Wounds: 21
Fate Points: 1/1
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 8
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 5/10/15/30
Initiative Bonus: 4
Strength Bonus: 4
Toughness Bonus: 4
Carrying Capacity: Carry 56kg, Lift 112kg, Push 224kg

Logistics: 35

Starting Aptitudes:
Ballistic Skill

Athletics +
Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperial Guard, Imperium, War)
Dodge +20
(Low Gothic)
Trade (Technomat, Armourer)

Iron Jaw
Hatred (Mutants)
Rapid Reload
Weapon Training (Las Projectile, Solid Projectile, Low-Tech, Heavy)
Mighty Shot
Storm of Iron
Crack Shot
Target Selection
Die Hard
True Grit
Solid Projectile Weapon Expertise
Solid Projectile Weapon Mastery
Lasgun Volley
Las Weapon Expertise
Las Weapon Mastery
Nerves of Steel


Special Equipment:

Arthur Volgin KIA

Comrade Advances:
Loader (250 xp)
[As long as his Comrade is in Cohesion, the Heavy Gunner may use his Comrade’s Actions to reload his currently equipped weapon. These may be used in combination with the Heavy Gunner’s Actions. For example, to reload a gun that requires a Full Action to reload, the Heavy Gunner spends a Half Action Reload, and his Comrade performs a Half Action Reload, reloading the gun and leaving them both with a Half Action remaining.]
Stabilise (300 xp) (+10 to Ballistics Skills When Using)
Unblinking Watcher (400 xp)
[As long as the Sentry’s Comrade is within Cohesion, the Sentry’s Overwatch and Suppressing Fire Actions cover a 90-degree arc to front of the him, instead of the usual 45-degree arc]
Hammering Storm (500 xp)
[Coordinating their shots to tear away at a specific piece of armour or cover, the Sentry and his Comrade can hew through even mighty defences through raw and unadulterated volume of fire. On his next Semi-Auto Burst or Full Auto Burst Action before the end of his next Turn, each consecutive hit after the first hit that the Sentry inflicts with his weapon gains 1 additional Penetration (to a maximum of +5 Penetration for the sixth hit and any hits thereafter). The Sentry can only give this Order so long as his Comrade is within Cohesion.]

Experience Advances:
Dodge (100 xp)
Dodge +10 (600 xp)
Strength – Simple Advance (100 xp)
Toughness – Simple Advance (100 xp)
Perception – Simple Advance (250 xp)
Survival (250 xp)
Mighty Shot (400 xp)
[The character knows the weak points in every armour and material, and has the skill to ensure that his shots land exactly where they will do the most damage. The character adds half his Ballistic Skill Bonus to Damage inflicted with a ranged weapon.]
Trade [Technomat] (100 xp)
[Used to maintain and repair technological devices, but through rote memorization rather than true understanding.]
Ballistic Skill – Simple Advance (100 xp)
Ballistic Skill – Intermediate Advance (250 xp)
Ballistic Skill – Trained Advance (500 xp)
Agility Skill – Simple Advance (250 xp)
Storm of Iron (300 xp)
[When facing massed enemies on the battlefield, the character lays down a storm of firepower that even the most foolhardy cannot push through. When the character deals Damage to a target with a semi-auto burst or a full-auto burst, the character may allocate his extra hits to any other target within five metres, instead of the usual two metres.]
Crack Shot (300 xp)
[The character can place his shots where they will inflict more harm, such as at creases, gaps, or joints in armour. When the character’s ranged attack causes Critical Damage, add +2 to
the Damage result.]
Target Selection (400 xp)
[The character’s dread gaze marks out his chosen victim and not even the riotous confusion of close combat interferes. The character may shoot into melee with no penalty. If he aims beforehand, he can avoid any chance of hitting
friendly targets.]
Hardy (450 xp)
When undergoing medical treatment or healing from injuries, the character always recovers Damage as if lightly wounded regardless of the level of Damage they have sustained.
True Grit (600 xp)
Whenever the character suffers Critical Damage (after reduction for Armour and Toughness), reduce the amount by his Toughness Bonus (to a minimum of 1).
Solid Projectile Weapon Expertise (300 xp)
Reload as a Free Action after successfully clearing a Jammed Solid Projectile weapon.
Solid Projectile Weapon Mastery (400 xp)
Solid Projectile Weapons gain Proven (X) Quality equal to half of Ballistic Skill Bonus.
Lasgun Volley (200 xp)
Inflict extra Damage with Ranged Volley Order when wielding a Las weapon.
Las Weapon Expertise (300 xp)
Impose a penalty on opponents attempting to Dodge attacks with Las weapons.
Las Weapon Mastery (400 xp)
Deal increased Damage with Las weapons based on Degrees of Success.
Agility Intermediate Adv. (500 xp)
Ranged Weapon Expert (400 xp) Once per combat, Aim as a Free Action and roll twice for Damage with a chosen ranged weapon type. (Solid Projectile) *
*Veteran Comrade (600 xp) One Comrade grants extra bonuses and can participate in Veteran Orders.

Nerves of Steel (900xp) Long years on the battlefield enable the character to remain calm as fire impacts all around them. The character may re-roll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning. In addition, he is seldom impressed by the aggressive displays of his enemies and gains a +10 to Willpower Tests when resisting the effects of enemy Intimidation Skill attempts.
Sound Constitution (6) (1200xp)

  • Fearless (1200xp) Through hard experience with horrifying situations, fear no longer commands the character’s actions. The character is immune to the effects of Fear and Pinning, but disengaging from combat or backing down from a fight is difficult for them to stomach, and as such requires a successful Willpower Test.*
    Willpower Simple Adv. (500xp)
    Dodge +20 (900xp)
    Deadeye shot (200 xp)
    Sharpshooter (300 xp)
    Trade [Armourer] (100xp)

• One uniform
• One set of poor weather gear
• One laspistol (Main Weapon)
Class- Pistol
Range- 30m
Rate of Fire- S/2/-
Damage- 1d10+2 E
Penetration- 0
Clip/Ammo- 30
Reload- Half
Special- Reliable
Weight- 1.5 kg
Availability- Common
charge packs- 4/4

Ammo 30/30

• One knife
1d5 R

• One Imperial Guard Flak Armor
• One rucksack or sling bag
• One set of basic tools
• One mess kit and one water canteen
• One blanket and one sleep bag
• One rechargeable lamp pack
• One grooming kit
• One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
• One primer or instructional handbook
• Combat sustenance rations, four weeks’ supply
• Respirator
• Single Advanced Medkit for Squad
• Microbead
• M36D Prithia Pattern Lasgun :
Class- Basic
Range- 100m
Rate of Fire- S/3/-
Damage- 1d10+3 E (When Bayonet is attached- 1d10)
Penetration- 0
Clip- 60
Reload- Full
Special- Reliable
Weight- 4kg
Availability- Common
Charge Pack- 4/4

Ammo 60/60

• Frag grenades (9/9)
• Krak grenades (5/5)

Mission Assigned Gear:
Stun Grenades (3/3)
Dumdum Bullets (2/2) Clips
Gun Shield +15 kg Common
(A gun shield provides 4 APs of Cover to the gunner and up to one other individual entrenched behind it)
Gun Carriage +25 kg Common
(As a Half Action, a character can “lock” a Heavy weapon into a gun carriage (or remove it from the gun carriage). While it is “locked” in, it has a 45-degree firing arc and counts as being Braced. A Player Character or Comrade can move the gun carriage with him as part of any Full Move Action, but may not make Reactions in any Round in which he does so.)
Heavy Bolter (5/5)
Sniper Rife
Magnoculars 0.5 kg
Recoil Gloves 0.5 kg
Smoke Grenades 4/4 2 kg
Storm Trooper Carapace 15kg

Awards and Honors
- Cannonade Breachman’s Medal (Squad Bonus: +10 to Dodge Tests to avoid attacks from weapons with the Blast Quality.)
Triple Skull (Squad Bonus: +5 to all Dodge and Parry Tests.)
+10 to sporting orks
+20 to Pinning Test Made while benefitting from cover
Honorifica= +10 to all Fear Test

Kills Past Mission 1 Total: 9

Kills Past Mission 2 Total: 19

Kill Current Campaign 3 Session:
Cashed in: 8 spent (200xp)
Cashed in 8 (200xp)

Kills Mission 4: human- 1
xeno- 20

Kils Mission 5:
Gretchen- 35

Orks- 42

Big Mek- 1

Total: 78

Overall Total Kills: 101


Victrus Macharius also know as Lucky to most people is a Heavy gunner who’s luck never seems to run out. At a young age, he was in a almost deadly car accident but came out of it without a scratch. Years later when he joined up for the Imperial Guard while on route to heavy weapons training, a near by Hydra malfunctioned, firing on the Air Transport bringing it down, several people died in the crash, most were seriously wounded, Victrus again like the car accident made it out with just a few scratched, people began giving him the nickname Lucky. Not to long after his luck continued as well known Heavy Weapons trainer who fought in many wars was going to select a few recruits and was he was selected out of a hundred others. After competing his training, he was assigned to the 79th Regiment.

Victrus Macharius

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