Ministorum Priest


XP Chart:
Starting: 0
Party: 2600
Objective: 0
Secondary Objective: 0
Personal xp: 0
Total: 2600
Spent: 2550
Remaining: 50

Logistics: 26
Characteristic Bonus: +5 Fellowship
Agility Bonus: 3
Strength Bonus: 3
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carrying Capacity: 6
Carry 36 kg
Maximum Lift 72kg
Maximum Push 144 kg

Weapon Skill: (30 Base)
Ballistic Skill: (30 Base)
Strength: (30 Base)
Toughness: (30 Base)
Agility: (30 Base)
Intelligence: 35 (30 Base)
Perception: 35 (30 Base)
Willpower: 33 (30 Base)
Fellowship: 48 (30 Base)

Fellowship, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Social, Weapon Skill, Willpower

Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy)
Forbidden Lore (Heresy)
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed)
Deceive +10

Hatred (Heretic), Hatred (Psykers)
Unshakeable Faith,
Weapon Training Las , Flame, and Low-Tech.
Air of Authority
Inspire Wrath
Master Orator (400 xp)
Trade: Crytograpth
Total Recall

Comrade Advances

Specialist Equipment:
Ecclesiarchy robes, Good Craftsmanship flamer, rosarius, book of scripture, book of lore

Wounds: 11
Faith: 2

Regnator Home World Bonus

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to Fellowship, +3 Willpower
Starting Skills: All shrine world characters start with
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial
Creed), Linguistics (Low Gothic).

Fluency: Characters from Shrine Worlds have been raised
amidst the word of the Emperor and the splendours of the
Ecclesiarchy. The lives of saints and the verses of creed are as
familiar as breathing. Even for people born to such a world
who are not blessed enough to be inducted into the ranks of
the clergy, being constantly surrounded by hymnals, scripture,
and the works of the Ecclesiarchy breeds a familiarity with
High Gothic. Shrine-worlders are capable of engaging in any
verbal communication or reading of High Gothic that does
not require a Skill Test.

Virtuous Ignorance: The citizens of shrine worlds learn
many lessons in virtue from the pious sermons and teachings
of the Ecclesiarchy. Amongst these is the lesson that ignorance
is a virtue not easily disdained by the wise. Heresy, blasphemy,
and death are the just rewards of curiosity, for those who
look beyond the teachings of the Adeptus Ministorum for
knowledge walk a dangerous path. Due to their wise and
wilful narrowness of mind, shrine world characters suffer a
–10 penalty on all Forbidden Lore Tests.

The Gift of Hate: Shrine-worlders are accustomed to the
Ecclesiarchy’s teaching that hatred is amongst the Emperor’s
greatest gifts to mankind. Though the priests of the Adeptus
Ministorum preach hatred against many various enemies
of humanity, often, a particular sermon leaves an indelible
impression on a shrine-worlder. Shrine world characters
begin with one of the following Hatred Talents of their
choice—Heretics, Mutants, or Psykers.

Armour of Faith: Once per session, when a shrine world
character gains any number of Corruption Points, the character
may spend a Fate Point to instead gain no Corruption Points
from that source.



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