Kass Yonova


Name: Kass Yonova, Corporal
Personal Demeanor: Affable
Specialty: Medic “SMO”, Weapon Specialist
Age: 23

Total XP: 15033
Starting XP: 600
Party XP: 12050
Personal XP: 1783
Spent: 15000
Remaining: 33

Weapon Skill (WS): 33 (33 Base)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 60 (35 Base, +5 Weapon Specialist Bonus, +5 Simple Advance, +5 Intermediate Advance, +5 Character Dedication Bonus, +5 Dedication Bonus)
Strength (S): 32 (29 Base, +3 Regiment Bonus)
Toughness (T): 34 (31 Base, +3 Homeworld Bonus)
Agility (Ag): 56 (36 Base, +5 Simple Advance, +5 Intermediate Advance, +5 Trained Advance, +5 Character Advance Bonus)
Intelligence (Int): 62 (35 Base, +5 Character Bonus, -3 Regiment Penalty, +5 Simple Advance, +5 Intermediate Advance, +5 Character Dedication Bonus, +5 Trained Advance, +5 Veteran Advance)
Perception (Per): 45 (30 Base, +5 Simple Advance, +5 Intermediate Advance, +5 Trained Advance)
Willpower (WP): 45 (32 Base, +3 Homeworld Bonus, +5 Simple Advance, +5 Intermediate Advance)
Fellowship (Fel): 31 (31 Base)

Head AP: 4
Body AP: 4
Arms AP: 4
Legs AP: 4

Wounds: 18/18
Fate Points: 2/2
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 3
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 4/8/12/24
Initiative Bonus: 4
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carrying Capacity (6):Carry 36kg, Lift 72kg, Push 144kg

Agility (Regiment Bonus)
Ballistics Skill
Weapon Skill

Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperial Guard, Imperium, War)
Dodge (20 Bonus)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Medicae (
30 Bonus)
Navigate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry)
Stealth (+10 Bonus)
Trade (Chymistry)

Weapon Training (Las, Plasma, Solid Projectile, Flame) (153)
Jaded (146)
Hatred (Mutants)
Die Hard (142)
Rapid Reload (150)
Light Sleeper (147)
Master Chirurgeon (148)
Swift Suture (104 HoE)
Methodical Care (100 HoE)
Don’t you Die on Me! (98 HoE)
Lasgun Barrage (147)
Deadeye Shot (142)
Sharpshooter (151)
Quickdraw (150)
Marksman (147)
Sprint (151)
Sound Constitution (3) (151)
Lasgun Volley (100 HoE)
Mighty Shot (148)
Step Aside (151)
Crack Shot (142)
Sprint (151)
Las Weapon Expertise (100 HoE)
Las Weapon Mastery (100 HoE)
Stealth Sniper (103 HoE)

Standard Weapons:
M36D Lasgun
Class Basic
Range 110m
RoF S/3/–
Dam 1d10+3 E
Pen 0
Clip 60/60
Rld Full
Special Reliable
Wt. 6kg
Availability Common
8/8 Clips

Triplex Lasgun Good Craftsmanship (Red-Dot Sight, Aux Shogtun)
Class Basic
Range 100m
RoF S/3/–
Dam 1d10+3 E
Pen 0
Clip 30/30
Rld Full
Special Reliable
Wt. 4.5kg
Availability Rare
3/3 Clips

  • Aux Shotgun
    Class Basic
    Range 30m
    RoF S/-/–
    Dam 1d10+4 I
    Pen 0
    Clip 1/1
    Rld 2Full
    Special Scatter
    Wt. 2.0kg
    8 Shells

Plasma Gun
Class Basic
Range 90m
RoF S/2/

Dam 1d10+7 E
Pen 6
Clip 34/40
Rld 5 Full
Special Maximal, Overheat
Wt. 18 kg
4/4 Flasks-

Las Pistol
Class Pistol
Range 30m
RoF S/2/-
Dam 1d10+2
Pen 0
Clip 30
Rld Half
Special Reliable
Wt. 1.5 kg
Availability Common
2/2 Clips

Frag Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10 X
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Blast (3), Ogryn-Proof
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Common
5/5 Grenades

Krak Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10+4 X
Pen 6
Clip 1
Special Concussive (0)
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Rare
4/4 Grenades

Smoke Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Clip 1
Special Smoke (9)
Wt. 1.0 kg
Availability Scarce
5/5 Grenades

Standard Issue Combat Knife
Class Melee/Thrown
Range 5m
Dam 1d5 R
Pen 0
Special -
Wt. 1 kg
Availability Plentiful

Chain Knife (Narthecium)
Class Melee
Dam 1d10+1 R
Pen 2
Special Tearing, Unwiedly

Special Equipment:
+20 to Medicae or Perception Tests to determine an ailment.

Holds one dose of drug, takes a Half-Action to administer.

+20 to Medicae skill when used.

Lieutenant’s Patch, “Stieglitz; Guadia”
+10 to Fellowship with Vonayan personnel.

+5 to interactions with Space-Italians.

Includes three auto-injectors and a powerful, diamantine-tipped
saw for cutting through armour to provide emergency
treatment to a wounded Guardsman.
As well as providing all the benefits of a Good-Craftsmanship
medi-pack, the user of a narthecium may administer a dose of
a drug from one of the auto-injectors as a Free Action, when
done in conjunction with a Medicae Test. Each auto-injector
can be used to store a different type of drug.

3-weeks-5-days-Corpse-Starch rations

Clip Drop Harness
+30 Climb tests, cannot fall if failed

Chameleoline Cloak
+20 Stealth Tests

Photo Visors
Gain Dark Sight Trait

Logistics Rating: 35

Guardsman Vikk Cannard Demeanour: Obsessive (Medicae Auxilia 250xp)
Guardsman Sebastion Gilliam: This character is possessed of a biting wit, and for better or for worse, makes little effort to contain it. He rarely offers a direct answer when a snide remark will do.
-Medicae Specialist Johann Riedel: Dissenter Contrary aand argumentative, the charaaacter commonly disagrees with the decisions of his commander. If he isn’t braave enough to speak out directly, he is often heard grumbling to his squad-mates about his problems with the commander.

Experience Advances:
Intelligence – Simple (100xp)
Intelligence – Intermediate (250xp)
Perception – Simple (100xp)
Medicae +10 (200xp)
Awareness (100xp)
Dodge (200xp)
Medicae +20 (300xp)
Light Sleeper (200xp)
Master Chirurgeon (400xp)
Medicae +30 (400xp)
Perception – Intermediate (250xp)
Dodge +10 (400xp)
Intelligence – Trained (500xp)
Willpower – Simple (250xp)
Swift Suture (300xp)
Methodical Care (300xp)
Don’t you die on me! (400xp)
Intelligence – Veteran (750xp)
Perception – Trained (500xp)
Willpower – Intermediate (500xp)
Trade (Chymistry) (100xp)
Agility – Simple (100xp)
Agility – Intermediate (250xp)
Ballistic Skill – Simple (100xp)
Ballistic Skill – Intermediate (250xp)
Dodge +20 (600xp)
Deadeye Shot (200xp)
Sharpshooter (300xp)
Quickdraw (200xp)
Marksman (300xp)
Sprint (400xp)
Sound Constitution (6) (1200xp)
Lasgun Volley (300xp)
Mighty Shot (600xp)
Step Aside (600xp)
Crack Shot (300xp)
Sprint (400xp)
Agility – Trained (500xp)
Las Weapon Expertise (300xp)
Las Weapon Mastery (400xp)
Stealth (100xp)
Stealth +10 (200xp)
Stealth Sniper (300xp)



Born to a “Ranger” couple in a modestly sized frontier town, Kass has, since he could walk, always lived in or around the woodlands of Prithia. As a child he had a fantastical wonder of the forests, and explored its interior at every given chance. As he grew older his parents would take him out on patrols and expeditions, showing him the basics of navigating the paths, tracking animals or other humans, and teaching him what threats could be expected within the forest. As his love for the wilderness of the forests grew, so did his curiosity for medicine and it’s application. He would become an unofficial assistant for his mother whenever she treated an arrested criminal, or wounded frontiersmen, countless times. It reached a point where he began to treat others without his mother’s help and made himself quite useful in his hometown’s clinic. Once he reached adulthood he came to a cross-road; continue on the proud profession of his parents, or join the Imperial Guard. In the end, he decided to join the Guard, much to his father’s chagrin so he could received advanced medical training. He won’t admit it, but it also involved a very embarrassing episode with an ex.

10 Secessionists
2 Cadian (Friendly Fire)
2 Orks
7 gretchin
23 Orks
2 Nob
2 Ork Warbuggy

Base Defense Ideas
-Clusters/Lines of promethium-filled barrels at different points around the perimeter of the base. Can be shot at to explode and thin out enemy
-Punji pit traps around the perimeter


  • Cleaned and wrapped an arm wound (Vonayan)
  • Stabalised a vicious leg wound (Vonayan)
  • Stitched up and bandaged Gru (Tech-Priest)
  • Amputated an arm, cleaned and bandaged it, it should be simple to get a prosthetic replacement (Prithian)
  • Cleaned and covered a nasty las burn on the Sarge’s gut (Prithian)
  • Amputated then wrapped and stabilised a crewman’s legs from a crash on the landing fields. (Prithian?)
  • Splinted a compound fracture and kept it wrapped, clean and snug. (Space-Italian)
  • Critical: 4 with lost apendages, 1 lost a chunk of his head, 2 are literally full of holes, but cauterization and terrible aim mean they weren’t hit anywhere vital, and 1 with a nasty chest wound.
  • Moderate: 5 with broken arms/legs, 3 with multiple shrapanel wounds, 2 with concussions, and 2 with multiple lacerations (one barely missed the femoral artery)
  • Light: 7 with minor shrapanel wounds (including one Sergeant Eberstark), the remaining 5 have light wounds including, large scrapes, torn skin, and one was unfortunate enough to have two black eyes.
  • Diagnosed and treated a woman with an illness consisting of boils, fever, and other terrible things.
  • Healed two comrades from squad Altmann.
    *Eased the pain for the last moments of a Valkyrie pilot.
    *Stabilised a critically wounded Sentry (Victurs Macharius)
    *Stabilised a heavily damaged Cog-Boy (Gru Persay)
    *Brought Sentry back to combat-ready status.
    *Treated both Kogin and Victrus for battle injuries.
    *Amputated both legs of a soldier, and kept him stabilized.
    *Snapped Koeln’s disjointed elbow back into place.

Exploits so far:

  • Impersonated a Lieutenant, and took command of three squads of Vonayan/Prithian infanty. Luckily not getting too many of them killed.

Cannonade Breachman Medal
Awarded For: Destruction of an active artillery
Squad Bonus: +10 to Dodge Tests to avoid attacks from
weapons with the Blast Quality.

Triple Skull
Awarded to the remainder of any unit that
survives a battle after having taken over 66% casualties.
+5 to all Dodge and Parry Tests.

Obscurus Honorifica Medicatus

+10 to Fear Tests

Ork Hunterz
+10 Perception to perception tests to spot or track orks.

Kass Yonova

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