Gru Persay

Thursday after 6:00 pm, Friday And Saturday Nights after 7:30 pm


XP Chart:

Starting: 300

Party: 3550

Objective: 1000
Secondary Objective: 190

Total: 4890
Spent: 4950
Remaining: 90

Personal Demeanor: Sarcastic
Specialty: Tech-Priest Enginseer Prime
Age: 96
Logistics: 35

Starting Bonus:
+5 Intelligence

Home Bonus:
+3 Intelligence
Weapons Tech

Weapon Skill (WS): 30 (30 Base)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 30 (30 Base)
Strength (S): 35 (35 Base)
Toughness (T): 35 (40 Base; -5 permanent damage)
Agility (Ag): 30 (30 Base)
Intelligence (Int): 53 (35 Base, +5 Class bonus, +3 Home, +5 Simple Adv, +5 Intermediate)
Perception (Per): 30 (30 Base)
Willpower (WP): 30 (30 Base)
Fellowship (Fel): 30 (30 Base)

Head AP: 7 (3 Flesh is Weak, 4 Armor)
Body AP: 7 (3 Flesh is Weak, 4 Armor)
Arms AP: 7 (3 Flesh is Weak, 4 Armor)
Legs AP: 7 (3 Flesh is Weak, 4 Armor)
Wounds: 9
Condition: 12 (3 Critical)
Fate Points: 2
Corruption Points: 3
Insanity Points: 5
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Initiative Bonus: 3
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 4
Carrying Capacity: Carry 45kg, Lift 90kg, Push 180kg

Ballistic Skill

Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) 20 (Known Starting, +10 Trained, +10 Experienced)
Common Lore (Tech)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Linguistics (Techna Lingua)
Logic +20 (
10 Skills, 10 Cal)
Tech-Use + 50 (
20 Skills, +10 MASTER ENGINSEER, +10 Utility Mechadendrite, +10 Omnissian axe)
Note: +10 with Servitor, +10 When using M.I.U., +10 Battle wrights
Trade (Armorer) +10

Cold Hearted
Mechadendrite Use ( Utility)
Mechadendrite Use (Weapon)
Weapons Tech
Training (Solid Projectile)
Training (Power)
Battlefield Tech-Wright
Cybernetic Boost (Use Tech-Use Test to do bonuses to Ability/Strength)
Accelerated Repairs

The Flesh is Weak (3)
A creature with the Machine Trait is fashioned from inorganic
materials and is generally more rigorous then fleshy folks.
Machines are immune extremes of cold, any mind-influencing psychic
effect, and their Armour Points apply toward fire Damage. (Head and Body)
Machines have a certain number of Armour Points (indicated
by the number in parentheses)

1) Machine Trait (2)
2) Mechanicus Implants
The character’s knowledge of engines and their machine
spirits surpasses all but the most venerable servants of the
Machine-God. The character can feel the plasma pulsing
through a reactor’s conduits as if it was in his own veins. The
character gains a +10 bonus on Tech-Use Skill Tests. The
character may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed
on a Tech-Use Skill Test for enhancement, repair, or upgrade
of a machine’s system, taking the minimum amount of time
possible on the task. In addition, at the GM’s discretion, the
character may repair objects without all the parts to hand,
jury-rigging a working device as good as the original.

1) Heavy Firepower Assault
Type: Attack Order (Full Action)
Prerequisites: Jovian-pattern Gun Servitor Comrade
Aptitudes: None
Effect: The big guns of the Imperial Guard are numberless,
from the vaunted Deathstrike Missile Launchers and the
mighty Earthshaker batteries of the artillery regiments, all
the way down to the man-portable weapons carried by the
heavy weapon teams of an infantry squad. However, all of
these weapons have their origins in the forges of the Adeptus
Mechanicus, and they have their own delivery platforms to use.
As part of this Order, the character’s Comrade takes a
Standard Ranged Attack Action, Semi-Auto Burst Action, or
Full Auto Burst Action with one weapon against a target within
range of that weapon. The character’s Comrade must be within
Cohesion to enact this Order.

2) Heavy Suppression Barrage
Type: Attack Order (Full Action)
Prerequisites: Jovian-pattern Gun Servitor Comrade
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Offence
Effect: Gun Servitors can make use of their integrated
weapons as easily as a trained gunner. Servitors equipped
with the appropriate weaponry can lay down withering hails
of suppressive fire unmatched by the common soldiery.
This Order can only be issued to Servitor Comrades
outfitted with a weapon capable of semi- or fully automatic
fire. As part of this Order, the character designates a kill zone,
which is any general area, such as a corridor or tree line, that
encompasses a 45 degree arc in the direction the Comrade
is facing.

Implants and Cybernetics:

1) Mechanicus Implants

The Electro-graft is a small port that is grafted into the
nervous system. Once a recipient has been properly trained,
this allows him to interface with machine data ports and
certain types of data nets. Electro-grafts can take many
forms, such as skull shunts, finger probes, or spine jacks.

Electoo Inductors are palm-sized metal skin grafts
that appear much like tattoos to the uninitiated. The
electoos are wired into the nervous system, where they
derive power from the bio-electrical emanations of the
flesh and the sacred mysteries of the Potenia Coil. They
can be used to emit or siphon power in many ways.

A Respirator Unit implant involves tubes, wires, voxgrills,
or other augmetic parts replacing the neck and
upper chest. The unit purifies the air supply, granting a
+20 bonus to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons.
The respirator unit also contains a vox-synthesiser
capable of transmitting the voice in a variety of ways.

The Cyber-mantle is a framework of metal, wires, and
impulse transmitters bolted onto the spine and lower
ribcage. As the initiate gains further implants, this
mantle acts as a sub-dermal anchorage point. Amongst
some servants of the Omnissiah, this cyber-mantle is
often referred to as “the true flesh.”

Cradled within the cyber-mantle is a power unit known as
the Potentia Coil. This mass can store energy and produce
various types of fields. Coils come in many types, from
small crystal stack affairs to bulky electrical galvinators.

Cranial circuitry is a series of linked processors,
implants, and cortical circuits that enhances mental
capacities. Most sit within housing bolted onto the
skull, whilst others nestle within the brain itself.

2) Good Craftsmanship Mind Impulse Unit
Good models grant a +10 bonus to communicate with machine
spirits and for Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry, and Ballistic Skill
Tests made as part of interfacing with the MIU systems.
Good Craftsmanship Mechanicus Implants

3) Good Craftsmanship AUTOSANGUINE
This ancient and blessed technology of the Mechanicus flows
through the character’s blood. These miniscule machines repair
minor injuries and speed healing. When applying healing, the
character is always considered Lightly Damaged, and heals at
an increased rate, removing 2 points of Damage per day.

4) Good Craftsmanship Cerebral Implants
These grant the user the Unnatural Intelligence (2) Trait and a +20 bonus to Logic and Lore Tests.

These bionics are internal cogitator implants which aid in
data retention and processing. The user can rapidly sift
through stacked data-slates and parchments, applying
intuition to vast reams of data far beyond the capabilities
of a normal man. This implant grants the user a +10
bonus to Literacy, Logic, or Scholastic Lore Tests.

Special Equipment:


Possibly the most common form of mechadendrite, this
artificial limb is a great aid to Enginseers working to repair
vehicles in the heat of battle, allowing them to lift greater
weights and more easily operate industrial gear. It can extend
out to 1.5m and grants the user +20 to Strength-based Tests;
the vicious gripping and crushing pincers can also tether the
user to gantries or suitably heavy objects as a Free Action. The
heavy metal pincers can be used in combat to make melee
attacks. The character can strike with it as his Reaction for
the Round or use it to make a Standard Attack (so long as it is
only used once per Round). The manipulator mechadendrite
deals 1d10 + 2 I Damage.
While powerful, the manipulator is not subtle, and
attempts to use it for such tasks as data-slate typing, inscribing
sacrificial etchings, handling delicate objects, or the like only
ends with equipment being dropped, smashed, or otherwise
ruined. A character must have the appropriate Mechadendrite
Use Talent to operate this implant.

Ballistic Mechadendrite
This solid, shoulder-mounted mechadendrite is designed for selfdefence.
This two metre limb may be armed with any Pistol-class
weapon with the Compact Upgrade. The character can attack
with this weapon as his Reaction. A character must have the
appropriate Mechadendrite Use Talent to operate this implant.

Utility Mechadendrite
The mechadendrite counts as a combi-tool,
granting a +10 bonus to all Tech-Use Tests. The limb also
houses six injector pistons, each of which may be filled with
one dose of sacred unguent. These can be supplied separately.
In addition to this, the limb contains an electrically powered
censer, which can gust incense fumes over particularly
troublesome faults. The censer generates one “blast” of smoke
every fifteen minutes. This can be employed in melee combat
to distract and choke, imposing a –5 penalty to Weapon Skill
Tests made by all living creatures within a two-metre radius
for one Round. This is a Half Action. Unless the censer is
deactivated, all Perception Tests made to detect the Tech-
Priest that rely on a sense of smell gain a +10 bonus.

Once per Round, the character can utilise this mechadendrite as
a weapon by spending a Half Action or a Reaction to make
a Standard Attack Action with it. A utility mechadendrite
counts as a weapon with the following profile: Melee; 1d5 R;
Pen 2; Defensive.


Sacred unguents
Sacred unguents blessed by the Omnissiah are much sought
after for their mystical properties when applied to machines.
If applied to a weapon—which requires a Full Action—the
weapon becomes immune to jamming (see page 255) for
a number of shots equal to its Clip Size. If the unguent is
applied to an already jammed weapon, it immediately unjams,
but there is no further effect.

Data-slates are common in the Imperium and are the primary
means of storing and reading printed text and other media
such as video or audio recordings. They are cheap and easy to
make, and many contain a single media recording, such as text,
and can only play that single file. Others can re-record new
information or transmit and receive data from other devices.

Omnissian axe
Granted to suitably devoted followers of the Omnissiah, this
weapon has a long staff-like body tipped with half of the
circular Adeptus Mechanicus skull and cog icon. The symbol
forms a blade and is sheathed in a power field. Covered with
inscribed circuitry designs indicating the sacred nature of
the weapon, many a foe has realised far too late that what
appeared to be a religious walking staff was really a deadly
weapon. The Omnissian axe also functions as a combi-tool.
This a two-handed melee weapon.

1) Squad Gear
- One set of basic tools
- One mess kit and one water canteen
- One rechargeable lamp pack
- One Ad Mech identification
- One Ad Mech handbook
- Combat sustenance rations, four weeks’ supply

2) Misc Items:
- Copy of “The Adventures Hildebrand von Bratwurst” Adventure Book
(owner Kass)
- One Ad Mech Prayer book
- One Imperial Guardsman Primer book
- backpack
- Incense burner
- 10 Candles

3) Weapons:

a) Omnissian axe
Type: Melee
Damage: 1d10 +4 E
Pen: 6
Special Power Field, Unbalanced
Wt.: 8kg

b) Autogun
Type: Basic
Range: 100m
RoF: S/3/10
Damage: 1d10+3 I
Pen: 0
Clip: 30
Rld: Full
Wt.: 5kg

c) Stub Revolver
Type: Pistol
Range: 30m (-15m Compact mod)
RoF: S/–/–
Damage: 1d10+3 I (-1 Damage Compact mod)
Pen: 0
Clip: 6 (-3 Compact mod)
Reload: 2 Full
Special: Reliable
Weight 1.5kg (0.75 kg)

d) Ammo Total
2 clips of Snub Revolver
13 clips of Autogun

4) Armor
Imperial Guard Flak Armour (All 4 AP)

5) Mission Assigned Gear (to be returned)
1) Imperial Guard Flak Armour
2) Backpack
3) Stub Revolver with compact mod
4) Autogun with 10 clips

Squad Gear:
Standard Regimental Kit:
red Mechanicus robes (uniform)
poor weather gear
anointed toolkit
mess kit and water canteen
blanket and sleep bag
rechargeable lamp pack
2 weeks’ rations per Player Character

Specialist Equipment:
Sacred unguents
Omnissian Axe

Cannonade Breachman Medal
Squad Bonus: +10 to Dodge Tests to avoid attacks from
weapons with the Blast Quality.

The Triple Skull
Squad Bonus: +5 to all Dodge and Parry Tests.


Name: Meat #1
Servitor: Lathe-pattern Multitask Servitor
Status: KIA

Name: ?
Servitor: Lathe-pattern Multitask Servitor
Status: Heavy Damage
Logis-Cortex Irregularity: The logis-cortex that governs the servitor’s thoughts has developed or was constructed with anomalous behaviours. Certain biological behaviour remnants that should be suppressed by the logis-cortex are still active, causing the servitor to follow human activity with its gaze or engage in stuttered attempts at handshakes, waving, or other greetings when presented with new faces.
Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 10
Armour: Machine (All 4).
Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Trade (Technomat) 10.
Talents: None.
Traits: Machine (4), Natural Weapon (Servo-arm), Sturdy,
Unnatural Strength (2).
Weapons: Servo fist (Melee; 1d5
6 I; Pen 0).
Gear: Internal micro-bead.
WS: 15
BS: 15
S: 50
T: 40
Ag: 20
Int: 10
Per: 20
WP: 30
Fel: 05

Name: Punchy Lungs
Servitor: Pugnis-class Combat Servitor
Status: KIA
Vat-Grown: Unlike many of its kind, this servitor’s flesh never originated with a true-born human body, but
was grown in a nutrient tank for the express purpose of its current state. Its native forge world may specialise in
such processes, or may have been undergoing a population shortage at its time of construction that temporarily
required such measures. Imperfections in the vat-growth process may have marked the servitor, requiring greater
cybernetic replacement or leading to peculiar deformities.
Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 10
Armour: Machine (All 4).
Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Trade (Cook) 10.
Talents: None.
Traits: Machine (4), Natural Weapon (Servo-arm), Sturdy,
Unnatural Strength (2).
Weapons: Servo fist (Melee; 1d5
6 I; Pen 0).
Gear: Internal micro-bead.
WS: 15
BS: 15
S: 50
T: 40
Ag: 20
Int: 10
Per: 20
WP: 30
Fel: 05

Name: ?
Servitor: Jovian-pattern Gun Servitor
Status: Active
The servitor was produced with components recently produced from a manufactorum in the current twilight days of the Imperium, rather than using reclaimed elements of older technology. While the complete set
of purpose-built components is free of any degradation, it also lacks any of the sophistication common to older models.
Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 10
Armour: Machine (All 4).
Total TB: 4
Skills: Awareness (Per), Trade (Armourer) 10.
Talents: None.
Traits: Machine (4), Natural Weapon (Servo-arm), Sturdy,
Unnatural Strength (2).
Servo fist (Melee; 1d5
6 I; Pen 0).
M41 multi-laser (Heavy 150m –/–/5 2d10+10 E 2 100 2 Full Reliable)
Gear: Internal micro-bead.
WS: 15
BS: 40
S: 50
T: 40
Ag: 20
Int: 10
Per: 20
WP: 30
Fel: 05

Default Servitor Directive: Heavy Firepower Assault
Advance Directive: Heavy Suppression Barrage

Comrade Advances:
Redundant Systems (Pugnis-class Combat Servitor)
Redundant Systems (Jovian-pattern Gun Servitor)

Experience Advances:
Int. Simple (100 xp, Characteristic)
Tech-Use +10 (200 xp, Skill)
Dodge (300 xp)
SERVO-ARM (250 xp)
Int.Advance (250 xp, Characteristic)
Tech-Use +20 (300 xp)
Trade: Armorer (100 xp)
Trade: Armorer +10 (200 xp)
The Flesh is Weak (400 xp)
Logic (100 xp)
Logic +10 (200 xp)
Cybernetic Boost (300 xp)
Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) Trained (200 xp)
Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) Experienced (300 xp)
Accelerated Repairs (300 xp)
Redundant Systems (300 xp)
Redundant Systems (300 xp)
Heavy Suppression Barrage (450 xp)

Previous Tech-Use Tests (21):
1 full repair on Meat
2 half repairs on Meat (legs, arms)
1 repair to the comms.
1 full repair on Meat
1 upgrade on Meat.
1 Vox repaired and added a makeshift antenna
1 trend repair on the Chimera
1 (4) Makeshift bombs with a Chrono and 17 Krak bombs with a dataslate trigger.
1 repair to the comms.
1 Dataslate use
1 Vox use
1 Data absorb
3 tech-use pass
2 weapon upgrades

10/25 (5 Tests)
4 Tech Use

11/1 (14 Tests)
13 Tech Use

3 Tech Use

Total Kills: 20
Before 11/8:
15 Kill Makeshift bomb with Gusarov
5 auto gun kills

Meat Kills
Total: 2
2 body press

Corrections from RB:
Question: Does a character add his Strength Bonus to Damage
with mechadendrites (such as the manipulator mechadendrite,
medicae mechadendrite, and utility mechadendrites found on
pages 207–209 of the Only War Core Rulebook) he uses to
make Melee Attacks?
Answer: Yes. Mechadendrites that can be used as melee
weapons are treated as such in all respects.

Weapon Training to use the above mechadendrites as melee
Answer: Via the purchase of the Mechadendrite Use (Weapon)
Talent (see page 148 of the Only War Core Rulebook). If
he does not possess this Talent, he suffers the penalty for
untrained weapon use when using his mechadendrites as
melee weapons, even if he is trained in their use as tools via
the Mechadendrite Use (Utility) Talent.

Note: Mechadendrites are cybernetic limbs that are usually
mounted on the back or shoulder. The maximum number of
mechadendrites a character may have mounted upon his body
is equal to his Toughness Bonus.


Home World: Hesh
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Skin: Brown
Height: 6’2"
Weight: ??? due to implants
Techpriest Gru has participated in an Imperial campaign on the planet of Maesa in Spinward Front. He has been in service of several armored battalions and their vehicle depots, spend repairing and maintaining vehicles. However, Gru has barely seen combat prior to the “Larros Pacification” campaign.

Gru Persay

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