Storm Trooper


XP Chart:
Starting: 300
Party: 3550
Objective: 0
Secondary Objective: 0
Total: 3850
Spent: 3850
Remaining: 0

Basic Info:
Name: Emil
Personal Demeanor: Loyal
Specialty: Storm Trooper
Age: 46
Logistics: 35
Wounds: 17
Fate Points: 2
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 0
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 4/8/12/24
Initiative Bonus: 4
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carry/Lift/Push Capacity: 36kg 72kg 144kg

Weapon Skill (WS): 35 (Base 30 +5 Simple Adv.)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 50 (Base 40 +5 Simple Adv. +5 Intermediate Adv.)
Strength (S): 30 (Base 25 +5 Simple Adv.)
Toughness (T): 35 (Base 25 +5 Simple Adv.)
Agility (Ag): 40 (Base 35 +5 Simple Adv.)
Intelligence (Int): 30 (Base 30)
Perception (Per): 35 (Base 35)
Willpower (WP): 30 (Base 30)
Fellowship (Fel): 30 (Base 30)

Ballistic Skill

Dodge +10
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Stealth +10

Quick Draw
Weapon Training (Las)
Lightnight Reflexes
Lasgun Barrage
Mighty Shot


Specialist Equipment:
Good Craftsmanship hot-shot lasgun
storm trooper carapace armour.

Standard Equipment Kit:
One uniform
One set of poor weather gear
One laspistol (Main Weapon), and two charge packs
One knife
One flak vest
One rucksack or sling bag
One set of basic tools
One mess kit and one water canteen
One blanket and one sleep bag
One rechargeable lamp pack
One grooming kit
One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
One primer or instructional handbook
Combat sustenance rations, four weeks’ supply
Single Advanced Medkit for Squad
Frag grenades (6)
Krak grenades (6)
Combat Knife

Weapon Stats:

Common Craftsmanship Standard Issue Combat Knife
Class: Melee/Thrown
Range: 5m
Dam: 1d5 R
Pen: 0
Special: -
Wt.: 1 kg

Good Craftsmanship Hot-Shot Lasgun
Class: Basic
Range: 60m
RoF: S/3/–
Dam: 1d10+4 E
Pen: 7
Clip: 30
Rld: 2 Full
Special: -
Wt.: 6kg

Common Craftsmanship Frag Grenades
Class: Thrown
Range: SBx3
RoF: S/-/-
Dam: 2d10+4 X
Pen: 0
Clip: 1
Special: Blast (3), Ogryn-Proof
Wt.: 0.5 kg

Common Craftsmanship Krak Grenades
Class: Thrown
Range: SBx3
RoF: S/-/-
Dam: 2d10+8 X
Pen: 6
Clip: 1
Special: Concussive (0)
Wt.: 0.5 kg

Stormtrooper Advances:
Agility Simple Advance 100 xp
Ballistic Skill Simple Advance 100 xp
Ballistic Skill Intermediate Advance 250 xp
Weapon Skill Simple Advance 100 xp
Toughness Simple Advance 250 xp
Strength Simple Advance 250 xp
Dodge +10 400 xp
Lightnight Reflexes 200 xp
Step Aside 600 xp
Lasgun Barrage 400 xp
Mighty Shot 400 xp
Mentor 300 xp
Stealth +10 200 xp

Squad Info:

Training Doctrine: Survivalists
Starting Aptitude: Agility
Special: Can re-roll failed Survival and
Navigate (Surface) Skill Tests on Woodlands
Special Equipment Doctrine: Well-Provisioned
Standard Regimental Kit: The regiment increases the
number of clips for their main ranged weapon and the
number of weeks’ rations they carry as standard by +2, and
gain an additional grenade of each type in their standard kit
(if applicable). If the regiment contains vehicles, this also
grants a +10 bonus on all Logistics tests to obtain fuel and
parts for repairing and maintaining those vehicles and an additional
+5 on all Logistics Tests for Mission Assigned Gear

Talents Info:
Quick Draw- The character adds half his Ballistic Skill Bonus to Damage inflicted with a ranged weapon.

Takedown- As a Half Action, or when making a Charge Action, the character may declare that he is attempting a takedown against an opponent in melee combat. He then rolls to hit
(using his Weapon Skill) as normal, using any modifiers for weapons and Talents (or the 20 bonus from Charging). If the character hits and would have done at least 1 point of Damage (after reduction for Armour and Toughness), no Wounds are caused, but the character’s opponent must make a Challenging (0) Toughness Test or be stunned for 1 Round and knocked prone. In addition, when performing a Stun Action, the character does not suffer a –20 penalty to his Weapon Skill.

Weapon Training (Las)

Lightnight Reflexes- When making an Initiative roll, the character may roll twice and add the higher of the two dice results to his Agility Bonus.
Step Aside – The character may make an additional Evasion attempt (either a Dodge or a Parry) once per Round. In effect, this gives the character a second Reaction that may only be used for Dodge or Parry attempts, allowing two Dodges, two Parries, or a Dodge and a Parry in each Turn. However, the character may still only attempt a single Dodge or Parry against each individual attack.

Lasgun Barrage- When firing any class of Las weapon on full or semi-auto, the character may score one additional Degree of Success (provided the Test is successful) if he does not take a
Move Action in his Turn.

Mighty Shot- The character adds half his Ballistic Skill Bonus to Damage inflicted with a ranged weapon.

Mentor- The Storm Trooper has undergone extensive training in the Schola Progenium, and can often pass on small tricks to help the rest of the Squad thrive in the battlefield. Once per game session, the Storm Trooper may impart his training to his Squad. All Squad members in communications range (including Player Characters) may take all Skill Tests in a single Skill of the Storm Trooper’s choosing as if they had the Storm Trooper’s Skill Training. Once activated, this effect lasts until the end of the encounter, or ten minutes in narrative time.



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