Colonel Leopold Schönfeld

Commanding Officer of Prithian 3rd Division; Colonel of 79th


Commanding Officer Personality:

The regiment’s commander is confident and optimistic,
though sometimes too caught up in dreams of glory and
triumph. While inspirational to his men with grandiose
speeches and heroism, his ambition has often seen them faced
with impossible odds, caught up in their commander’s quest
for glory, and they must battle hard to survive.

Colonel Schönfeld is a veteran commander of many well-known campaigns. Throughout his career, he has lead 3 regiments from their formation, to their current status of renown, and is seen as an invaluable adviser – being put in advisory roles to Generals’ Staff across several theaters of war. His current task is to build a new vanguard of Prithian Infantry.

The 79th Regiment of Foot is the very first regiment he’s raised for the purposes of establishing a model Korps for the Prithian Guard, and the Rommulus subsector. His hands-on approach to leadership means he intends to remain its active Colonel until it gains the expertise he is known for passing onto his commands. As such, it is the model on which he will base the training doctrine that will be adopted system-wide throughout Prithia.

He is a man of considerable influence, and is able to make sure his men are well-provisioned, and never ignored. He volunteered to lead the 3rd Prithian Division, as the first wave tasked with the assault on the island of Kerrith, in order to demonstrate the efficiency of his model of warfare.

Though not himself a member of the Prithian General Directorate, he has on many occasions addressed the ruling council, most recently on the importance of military standardization in the sub-sector.

Colonel Leopold Schönfeld

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