Duty & Resilience

Urban Reinforcements

Session 9

Session Text

“It’s a glorious mess, without many distinct enemy lines. Several districts are currently being fought over. It seems they’re in need of actual soldiers, so the Colonel has generously agreed to deploy us.”

Following the disaster of the “lost company”, Sergeant Eberstark is relieved of his command and awaits execution.

The squad itself is reassigned to 1st Platoon, under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Stannis, and command of Sergeant Matthias Ferrus.

While most of 3rd Company is taking on the Imperium’s foes as the Vanguard for several simultaneous advances along the supply lines north of the outposts, 1st Platoon is assigned as part of a reinforcement group advancing into Kerrith, a major urban center and former seat of power for the Larros Planetary Governor, that is, before he was replaced by Legate Lucius. While originally not a part of 3rd Division’s objectives, Imperial assets tasked with the liberation of urban centers have been pushed back again and again, with supply lines often cut off and pushed away from the front. The current situation is a deadly stalemate, an ugly conflict far from lines of resupply and without any distinct fronts. General Bulow placed order to divert forces from 3rd Division, which Colonel Schönfeld responded to by mobilizing “static” assets of the 79th.

Orders are more or less to survive and reinforce wherever needed, and to keep alert for any requests for aid, until supply lines can be secured and established running into the city proper.


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