Duty & Resilience

The Wounded Beast

Session 4

Session Text

2nd and 3rd Companies advance to the last remnants of enemy resistance. The Communications Compound, or what’s left of it, is used as a forward base, and supply lines are extended closer to the front, just North of the now-devastated woodlands. The Squad resupplies, is given a particular Chimera Variant, and is sent to the front. Assaulting a well-defended hill, they come to the aid of a squad of Prithians who are in danger of being overrun. Casualties are sustained, yet they are able to clear the hill of an enemy presence. Readying themselves to take the bunker atop the hill sure to be defended by the reported armored presence the Stalker, Gusarov, makes the discovery that the enemy has abandoned the hill. Following confirmation that the enemy is in full-retreat, the squad quickly mobilizes to leave the area, as a heavy artillery bombardment destroys anything on or around the positions once there. Arriving at the base of the hill, the squad’s Chimera finds the track-scarred patterns on the land, in the direction of the advancing armor of the 115th. They follow in behind, into an open valley busy in full-mobilization of Imperial troops. The squad then joins a massive armored assault on enemy positions, attacking head-on with as much speed as they can muster. They successfully punch through the enemy defenses, and find an ingenious way to disable an artillery section. With their final orders to disrupt enemy communications, the squad readies up to end -once and for all – the enemy’s fearsome hold on the artillery compounds throughout the archipelago.



Kaiser_von_Salen Kaiser_von_Salen

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