Duty & Resilience

The Battle for Bolfem Archipelago- Conclusion

Session 5

Session Text

Individual Character Scenarios

Primary Objectives: Secure Archipelago [COMPLETE], Establish and Secure landing zones for reinforcing Task Force [COMPLETE]


Secondary Objectives: Cause minimal damage to infrastucture [FAILED], Rendezvous with Vonayan 23rd Reconnaissance Elements [COMPLETE]


Status: Aeronautica Imperialis Base of Operations established in secured Bolfem Archipelago || High-Priority Communications Facility partially destroyed; friendly fire incident under investigation, known culprits executed


The squad, having successfully infiltrated the enemy HQ, finds and disrupts enemy communications, resulting in havoc across its defenses.

As a result of this, the bulk of the enemy defense (their dreaded artillery batteries) are inefficient in deterring the Imperial onslaught. Imperial forces successfully take the base, and the squad is sent back to their original base of operations near their landing zone. Their Vonayan comrade parts from them, to join his regiment in its redeployment after completing their objectives on the archipelago.

Upon arrival they realize it has been repurposed into an Aeronautica Imperialis base – their regiment to be sent off-base while the transfer takes place. They are tasked with executing the Prithians whose sentences had not been carried out in the midst of all the activity on the archipelago. The members of the squad, during their subsequent period of inaction on the front lines, sharpen up their skills, and practice where they can.

Eventually, 2nd and 3rd Companies are sent to 3rd Division’s HQ set up on a peninsula in the South of Fallwin Island. Upon their arrival, their achievements are recognized. The squad is awarded the Cannonade Breachman’s Medal and some of the troopers are individually recognized by their superiors for carrying out their expertise with valor and consistency: Corporal Kass Yonova is appointed Senior Medicae Officer under CMO Feldmann’s service in the Regiment. Otto Schneider and Hector are allowed to train with the Company’s Jaegers, and are assigned to keep that role in their squad. Gru is given the titular Enginseer-Prime by his Adeptus Mechanicus brethren, and assigned such responsibilities as are befitting to him in 3rd Division’s HQ. Victrus Macharius sharpens his training in heavy weapons, and is assigned to perform his duties with a Heavy Bolter.


Kaiser_von_Salen Kaiser_von_Salen

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