Duty & Resilience

Lost in Translation

Session 6

Session Text

The squad accustoms itself to their new HQ – a massive base built for Prithian 3rd Division.
They are given their individual duties, and deal with issues of ventilation inside their tent, and an apparent rodent problem.

Each is tasked with responsibilities, including Enginseer Gru’s oversight of the Aeronautica landing zones. An unfortunate accident occurs during his first day as overseer, and the squad rushes in to aid in the efforts to contain the situation.

As the day advances, they soon realize that an officer on board one of the craft involved in the accident was Captain to a reinforcing company. His death leaves the auxiliary company without a commanding officer.

Being little more than a Munitorum mistake, Colonel Schoenfeld wants nothing to do with the company, as their Low-Gothic dialect is unintelligible to all but the most language-savvy of his aides, and given the logistics nightmare that has already preoccupied him as several supply convoys and subsequent investigating patrols go missing.

Reinforcing Prithian troops arrive – one of them Sergeant Eberstark, who finds himself reporting for duty just as the Colonel is told he’s not expected to accommodate the new arrivals in his camp. As such, the Colonel, eager to pass on this responsibility to someone else, places the Sergeant as personal liaison to the auxiliaries, to be taught Prithian customs and forms of operation.

All things come together as the Colonel receives word of yet another hit convoy, and determines that a large mobilization of force needs to deal with the problem once and for all:

-He wishes to protect the supply lines by setting up several outposts. -The new blood presents an opportunity to investigate and secure the outposts without the need to use more valuable troops -Given the death of their Captain, the auxiliaries are now to be under the command of Sergeant Eberstark and his squad, effectively now his officer cadre.

PROGRESS: First outpost set and secured


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