Duty & Resilience

In Aid of your Brothers

Session 10

Session Text

“Sir, with all this talk of civilians and Loyalists, …what would be the ROE during this advance?”

“If you… cannot ascertain their loyalties, consider them expendable…”

In an effort to weaken the enemy, the Imperium has identified key targets; a list of commanders and essential personnel, and has tasked the reinforcing troops with treating them as targets of opportunity as they reinforce where needed most.

Lieutenant Stannis issues deployment orders to the squads under his command, and they each follow their respective objectives, in an attempt to get past enemy patrols and positions and behind friendly lines where reinforcements are most needed.

As the squad travels across the badly damaged urban landscape, a call for aid comes in from Sergeant Altmann’s squad. They come to the squad’s aid, and repel the ambushing enemy troops. The aftermath reveals that the squad took heavy losses, including their sergeant and medic. They are subsequently made into a fireteam within the squad, attached to them indefinitely.

At last, a name on the list is given to the squad. Captain Waldemar Szieny becomes Squad Ferrus’s primary target, with all other names remaining as secondary targets of opportunity.


Kaiser_von_Salen Kaiser_von_Salen

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